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With all the hype about 5G, what is the actual new revenue potential? What’s at stake as 5G rolls out over the next ten years? How much of that revenue will be focused on media and entertainment?

In a new special report from 5G Reporter, we explore the staggering revenue potential of 5G.

The short answer is — $3 Trillion dollars in new revenue, over the next ten years. By 2028, according to a report from Intel, new revenues from media and entertainment are estimated to be 1.3 Trillion dollars. Add to this, revenues from non-entertainment services — such as emergency services, connections for autonomous cars and smart cities, and industrial automation — and you quickly hit $3 Trillion.

What’s the “tipping point?” By 2025, 5G will mature, and will generate an estimated $183 Billion dollars in new revenue. This will not only create opportunities, but it will also shake out non-adapters. In Media and Entertainment, manufacturers and services that fail to adapt to the 5G speed and bandwidth “risk failure or even extinction,” according to Jonathan Wood of Intel.



Why is 2025, the “tipping point?” By then, 57 percent of global wireless media revenues will be riding on the super high-speed 5G network and 5G-enabled devices. By 2025, most users will have upgraded to 5G phones, a significant upside for Apple, Samsung and other phone-makers. Manufacturers who fail to incorporate 5G antennas in devices risk being shut out of the market.

The Intel research report, conducted by Ovum, estimates that 20 percent of total wireless revenue — $47 Billion of the total $253 Billion revenue — will flow on 5G networks. By 2025, this climbs to 55 percent or $183 Billion of a potential $321 Billion. By 2028, 80 percent, at $335 Billion.



Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence-assisted services, and new media will quickly dominate media share. Inevitably, there will be inequality, as urban areas and certain developed areas receive 5G sooner — with access to augmented reality, faster 3D Gaming, and virtual reality. Some rural areas stuck on slower 4G — or, in some cases even 3G — will be unable to experience these new media niches — estimated to represent $140 Billion in cumulative revenue between 2021 and 2028.



Media will continue to dominate new revenue from 5G, estimated at 1.3 Trillion dollars of the overall 3 Trillion dollar potential. But, entirely new industry use-cases — such as self-driving cars, smart cities and pro-active safety engineering — will represent other significant areas of growth.

This is a 5g Reporter Special Report.”

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