Shanghai Smart City to be a hub of 5G, AI and “intelligentization of roads and cities”


A new project, dubbed as Vehicle-Road-City Integrated Smart City, aims to make Shanghai the hub of 5G and AI development — ultimately leading to smarter and safer cities.  Undertaken by an automotive technology company known as Human Horizons in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) hub of the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park located in Shanghai, China, the smart city project combines 5G, AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and vehicle-to-everything technology under its ‘3 Smart blueprint.’ By combining all these technologies, the project seeks to lay the foundation for high-tech road networks intended for autonomous vehicles.



For the project to attain its goal, the company narrowed down the scope of the project to focus on developing a smart ecosystem consisting of a smart road network, autonomous buses, and smart city traffic to be managed from a technologically advanced monitoring center. According to Ding Lei, Chairman of Human Horizons, “the development of future human mobility must be combined with the intelligentization of roads and cities.”



Even though major milestones have been accomplished in the recent past, a lot remains to be done for the Shanghai smart city to be rolled out to the wider public. Based on the importance of the project “as a shining example of how science and technology can improve daily life for all people,” Chairman Lei is focused on exploiting all available avenues and strategies to enable the completion of the Human Horizons’ smart city project quickly but effectively.

For a smart city project to successful, the mode of transport has to transition from combustion-based to electric driven vehicles. To this end, Human Horizons expanded its portfolio from a renowned global manufacturer of battery electric vehicles to include an all-electric premium brand of HiPhi, which was released in July 2019. The HiPhi is regarded as the first truly smart 5G-V2X capable vehicle. The successful development and release of the 5G-capable vehicle brought the attention of the world to the company’s capacity to deliver smart urban infrastructure to the people of Shanghai and beyond. The HiPhi 1 was designed impeccably to enable seamless integration into the management system of the V2X autonomous driving traffic to be used in the smart city. Additionally, HiPhi’s L3 dual redundant autonomous driving systems can be enabled in the future to allow for higher levels of autonomous driving.



The second most important ingredient for smart cities is smart traffic anchored on the network of the future, 5G. To this end, Human Horizons will harness the power of LiDAR technology to support 5G networks. The technology measures range to a target using a pulsed laser, which can be used along with 5G in traffic management for the Shanghai smart city project. Additionally, the company intends to conduct its first demonstration of accident-free, congestion-free, and emission-free mobility using three autonomous shuttles traveling through the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.

With all these plans in motion, it is undeniable that Human Horizons are capable of harnessing 5G and its capabilities to deliver Shanghai Smart City Project.

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