Mometum in 5G in 2020: AT&T leads with 21 cities covered for 5G business users; Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile all expand networks
The next chapter in story telling maybe facilitated by 5G — immersive AR and VR to change how “stories” are consumed
5G helps Avatar 2 move forward, revolutionizing motion capture in film
Majority of US consumers will be able to access 5G by end of 2020? The current U.S. coverage report
Shanghai Smart City to be a hub of 5G, AI and “intelligentization of roads and cities”
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Toyota will build a 5G enabled "smart city" near Mount Fuji.

Toyota to Build Smart City near Mt. Fuji as a ‘Living Laboratory’ for Technology

According to David Roberts, President and CEO at Verra Mobility, “technologies such as 5G and IoT have been instrumental in networking a variety of sensors, beacons, and endpoints.” The capabilities...

Understanding network slicing: virtual or logical networks to optimize specific use-cases

Be it smart cities, healthcare, entertainment, transportation, and many more, it is undeniable that 5G will be a major disruptor in various sectors. What remains unknown is how each sector...
5GReporter-Wirless-Magazine3G 4G 5G

Milestones met, push is on to accelerate the standardization of 5G — going beyond previous generations

5G standardization is an open, contribution-based process headed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). According to Lorenzo Casaccia of Qualcomm, the push for standardization and implementation of 5G commenced...
5G ReporterRemote human brain surgery operation via 5G in China

Video Report: A surgeon performs intricate remote human brain surgery for the first time on a 5G network

   Transcript of 5G Reporter Video A surgeon performed intricate remote human brain surgery for the first time on a 5G network — an operation not possible on older...
5GReporter-Wirless-Magazine5G could save lives in autonomous vehicles

Video Report: Is the world ready for the autonomous self-driving car? Can 5G-enabled cars save lives?

A 5G Reporter special report    Transcript of news report: Is the world ready for the autonomous self-driving car? Will autonomous cars be safe? 5G-enabled autonomous cars could save...

5G carrier report — Asia and Middle East races ahead, 1.9 billion subscribers by 2024

The roadmap for 5G wireless rollout anticipates a full ten year cycle, with 1.9 billion subscribers on boarded by 2024 according to some estimates. Asia is racing ahead of most...
5GReporter-Wirless-Magazine5G and factories

5G factories of the future: the next: interconnectivity, machine-machine interoperation and autonomy

With more than 200 years since the start of the Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing industry is ripe for a new disruptor. According to AT&T, “the sector faces its biggest transformation...
North American 5G network.

5G carrier availability report — the Americas: projecting up to 32% of mobiles by 2023

5G around the world: projected to reach 1.9 billion subscribers by 2024. As 5G rolls out to the roadmap — projecting over one-fifth of the world adopting it by 2020...
Blur People crowd. Crowd on the rock concert

5G growth in the Asia Pacific region: 675 million 5G connections by 2025

What is happening? With the rollout of 5G continuing in 2019 and early 2020, growth across the APAC region hit nearly four times the development seen in LTE [report from...


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Special Video Report: $3 Trillion dollars in new revenue projected from 5G

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Is the world ready for the autonomous self-driving car? Will autonomous cars be safe?

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Surgeon performs brain surgery from 3,000 km away on 5G network

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