5G Cities

The Eight Currencies of 5G: throughput; connected device density; data volume; energy efficiency; near-instant latency; reliability; and more

5G will alter the technology landscape so dramatically, it's considered the main driver of Industry 4.0 — the next big thing, which according to AT&T, “will rely on the underlying...
Toyota will build a 5G enabled "smart city" near Mount Fuji.

Toyota to Build Smart City near Mt. Fuji as a ‘Living Laboratory’ for Technology

According to David Roberts, President and CEO at Verra Mobility, “technologies such as 5G and IoT have been instrumental in networking a variety of sensors, beacons, and endpoints.” The capabilities...
5GReporter-Wirless-Magazine5G and factories

5G factories of the future: the next: interconnectivity, machine-machine interoperation and autonomy

With more than 200 years since the start of the Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing industry is ripe for a new disruptor. According to AT&T, “the sector faces its biggest transformation...
Drone transport  flying with cardboard box above city, futuristic delivery concept

5G use cases – from drone delivery to smart cities to autonomous everything

5G infrastructure will not only facilitate smart technology, autonomy, smart cities, robotic surgery, and other breakthroughs; they also represent the highest and best use-cases. Mobile phones represent the lowest potential...






Use Cases

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