5GReporter-Wirless-MagazineWill 5G change the world?

Will 5G really change the world? Is it really Industrial revolution 4.0? Experts weigh in from World Economic Forum

Just like steam, electricity, and silicon drove the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Industrial Revolutions, 5G has the potential to catalyze and drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Even though equating 5G...

Understanding network slicing: virtual or logical networks to optimize specific use-cases

Be it smart cities, healthcare, entertainment, transportation, and many more, it is undeniable that 5G will be a major disruptor in various sectors. What remains unknown is how each sector...
5GReporter-Wirless-Magazine5G and factories

5G factories of the future: the next: interconnectivity, machine-machine interoperation and autonomy

With more than 200 years since the start of the Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing industry is ripe for a new disruptor. According to AT&T, “the sector faces its biggest transformation...

5G carrier report — Asia and Middle East races ahead, 1.9 billion subscribers by 2024

The roadmap for 5G wireless rollout anticipates a full ten year cycle, with 1.9 billion subscribers on boarded by 2024 according to some estimates. Asia is racing ahead of most...
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5G growth in the Asia Pacific region: 675 million 5G connections by 2025

What is happening? With the rollout of 5G continuing in 2019 and early 2020, growth across the APAC region hit nearly four times the development seen in LTE [report from...
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Cell Tower REITS — likely to grow in value with the push for 5G

A Real Estate Investment Trust is one of the many ways an investor can break into the competitive 5G infrastructure market. The complicated relationship between tower companies and carriers is...
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Economic competition driving 5G infrastructure investment to REITS — potential $1.1 trillion market

Tower and data centers in the U.S. currently make up nearly 25% of the entire domestic REIT market. [1] REITs remain one of the best ways to invest in the...
View of Businessman hand holding mobile phone with chart icon

Multiple analysts raise their global forecasts for 5G-enabled smart phone sales

Multiple leading analysts now predict that 5G-related numbers will dramatically increase over the next months and years. Nomura, Gartner, CCS, and IDC all raised their 5G forecasts for the near...
5GReporter-Wirless-Magazineericsson-5g-factory MERCEDES

New Mercedes Benz production plant relies on 5G — a first in automotive manufacturing

Mercedes Benz’s new state-of-the-art car production plant — Factory 56 in Germany  — will rely extensively on 5G, with nearly every piece production equipment relying on this fast network. New...
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Data Center REITs – landlord or tenant trusts a way in to 5G data infrastructure

The push is on to invest in 5G. Many investors are diversifying, holding shares in publicly traded antenna companies or carriers. Another big play are REITS — Real Estate Investment...






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