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5G Reporter is your leading source for breaking news on 5G technologies, business and manufacturers, carriers and industry implementations — with a focus on business and the investor in the emerging multi-trillion dollar wireless industries.


Who are the leaders in 5G? What is the roadmap to full implementation? When will 5G roll out in your area? Is 5G the next Disruptive technology — and if so, is this an upside play for investors? What sub-sectors and industries are depending on 5G? What are the Use-Cases for 5G? Watch for our daily and weekly coverage of this rapid growth technology sector.


5G Reporter is specifically focused on businesses, business cases, investors, and 5G news impacting these areas.

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5G Reporter is a Persona Corp. publication.

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Our Editor in Chief is Josephine Nolan. Josephine Nolan is an editor and contributing feature writer for several online publications.


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